Nevenka Bojanić

Member of the Council of the State Audit Institution since 25th April 2018, elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on the third session of the first regular sitting in 2018, based on the Decision of the National Assembly on election of the Council of the State Audit Institution, No. 19.

She was born on 9th December 1963 in Zemun.

She completed primary school and Zemun Gymnasium (High School) in Belgrade.

She graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Belgrade and completed specialist studies, acquiring the university diploma in law - specialist. She has passed bar exam and acquired the title of State Auditor.

She started working in 1988 as a law intern, and also in legal affairs in the real sector, as a head of legal and general affairs in "Radnik“ d.d. from Belgrade. She served as Legal and General Director in the Company "Ikarbus" a.d from Zemun - Belgrade. She has been working in the State Audit Institution since 2010 in the Sector for Auditing of the Budget and Budget Funds of the Republic of Serbia - legal support to auditing, as Senior Advisor.

She participated in numerous professional events, seminars and workshops on "Quality assuring quality and quality control in the State Audit Institution - philosophy, regulatory framework and practical approaches", "Improvement of public financial management", USAID's Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project (JRGA), "Proactive investigation of corruption, financial fraud and economic crime", OSCE, Seminar on joint investigation teams, organized by OSCE, seminars in the field of public procurements.

She speaks Russian and is familiar with English.

She is married, mother of two.