Snežana Trnjaković

Snežana Trnjaković was appointed Supreme State Auditor in the Sector 3 on 8th January 2019.

She has 34 years of work experience, out of which 20 years in public sector and 14 years in real economy.

She started working in the State Audit institution in the end of 2010 as a State Auditor in the Sector for Audit of Mandatory Social Insurance Organizations. She started working as a Certified State Auditor in 2015.

Previous work experience in the public sector include activities of controlling calculation and payment of public revenues and internal audit, namely:

  • Republic Health Insurance Fund, Belgrade office - eight years in controlling calculation of contribution for pension and disability insurance, internal auditor and assistant director for financial affairs in the Information Technology Sector.
  • Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, New Belgrade Branch Office - four years as Head of the Unit for office control, field inspector.

In real economy, she worked in financial and accounting affairs, occupying all positions from the bottom to the top, namely:

  • Most – kolor LLC Belgrade, financial director;
  • Informatika a.d. Belgrade, financial advisor;
  • Interkomerc S.O.U.R.Belgrade, finance officer.

She acquired the following audit and accounting titles:

  • Certified State Auditor (2012), State Audit institution;
  • State Auditor (2012), State Audit institution;
  • Certified Auditor (2002), SMF, Belgrade;
  • Certified Accountant (2000), SRRS, Belgrade.

She is familiar with English and MS Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook).

She participated in numerous seminars, workshops and round tables in the fields of public sector auditing, public finances, budget system and public procurement. She initiated amendments to the regulations in the area of mandatory health insurance, budget system and public procurements.

She was born in 1958 in Zemun.

She completed primary school and 9th Belgrade High School in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade on the Department of Business Economics.

She is a widow, mother of two.