Stojanka Milovanovic

Supreme State Auditor in the Sector for Auditing Local Authorities' Budgets since 6th August 2018, appointed by the Council of the State Audit Institution. Due to organizational changes, Council of the State Audit Institution decided that as of 2019 Ms. Stojanka Milovanovic continues to exercises her office as Supreme State Auditor in Sector 2.

She was born on 26th September 1965 in Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She completed primary school and Economic High School in Lajkovac, and graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

She has more than 29 years of work experience, with over 13 years in accounting, financial and commercial affairs in state-owned companies, and over 7 years of experience as manager of municipal budget and finance department. She started working in the State Audit Institution on January 20th 2011, as a Senior Audit Advisor in the Sector for Auditing Local Authorities' Budgets, and as State Auditor in the Sector for Auditing Local Authorities' Budgets from 1st June until appointment to the position of the Supreme State Auditor.

Special skills and knowledge: Certificate on Certified State Auditor and Certificate on State Auditor; passed a professional exam for work in government authorities; Certified Accountant issued by the Serbian Association of Accountants and Auditors; Auditor (Decision of the Federal Ministry of Finance of FRY, 2001); court-appointed expert for economic and financial affairs and certificate in knowledge of Information Technology, Regarding projects, she participated in a two-year Twinning Project "Strengthening Capacities of the State Audit Institution", which was realized by the State Audit Institution, in cooperation with the Netherlands Court of Audit and National Audit Office of the United Kingdom. She also participated in the Twinning Light Project"Audit Quality Control in the State Audit Institution", implemented with the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia.

She is married, mother of one.