Sector 1

No. Audit subject 1 2 3 4 5
1 Final Account of the Budget of the Republic of Serbia for 2018
2 Public Debt Administration
3 Ministry of Finance
4 Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
5 Ministry of Interior
6 Ministry of Defence
7 Directorate for Execution of Criminal Penalties
8 Tax Administration
9 Ministry of Culture and Information
10 Treasury Administration
11 Public Procurement Office
12 Republic Secretariat for Public Policy
13 Human Resources Management Service
14 Ministry of Education and Sport
15 Performance Audit "Flood Prvention in the Republic of Serbia"
16 Performance Audit "Efficiency of Information System for Register of Publicly Owned Real Estate"
17 Performance Audit "Ensuring Competition in the Process of Centralized Public Procurement"

Sector 2

No. Audit subject 1 2 3 4 5
1 City of Beograd
2 Ministry of State Administration and Local Government
3 City of Sremska Mitrovica
4 City of Kikinda
5 City of Valjevo
6 City of Vršac
7 City of Sombor
8 City of Zrenjanin
9 City of Subotica
10 City of Novi Sad
11 City of Šabac
12 Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
13 City of Pančevo
14 City of Smederevo
15 City of Novi Pazar
16 City of Niš
17 City of Kruševac
18 City of Leskovac
19 City of Kraljevo
20 City of Vranje
21 City of Požarevac
22 City of Jagodina
23 City of Kragujevac
24 City of Užice
25 City of Čačak
26 PCE "Toplovod", Obrenovac
27 Public Communal Enterprise "Bukulja", Aranđelovac
28 Public Enterprise "Sava Centar", Beograd
29 PCE "Vodovod Šabac", Šabac
30 PCE "3. oktobar", Bor
31 PE Jedinstvo, Kladovo
32 PCE "Vodovod", Smederevo
33 Public Enterprise "Toplifikacija", Lazarevac
34 PE for Transport of Passengers in urban and suburban traffic, Subotica Trans
35 PCE "2. October" Vrsac
36 Public Transport Company Belgrade
37 PE Novi Dom Vranje
38 PCE "Majdanpek", Majdanpek
39 ПЕ Stubo rovni, Kolubara

Sector 3

No. Audit subject 1 2 3 4 5
1 Republic Health Insurance Fund
2 National Employment Service
3 Fund for Social Insurance of Military Insured Persons
4 Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance
5 Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
6 General Hospital Sremska Mitrovica
7 General Hospital Požarevac
8 Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Beograd
9 Clinical Center of Niš
10 Clinical Center of Kragujevac
11 Health Center Užice
12 Performance Audit "Financing Laboratory and Sanitary Material and Effects on Health Care Protection Costs"
13 Performance Audit "Material Support as a Measure for Poverty Reduction"
14 Holding Corporation "Krusik" Valjevo
15 Clinical Center of Serbia
16 Clinical Center Zvezdara Belgrade
17 Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Vojvodina, Sremska Kamenica
18 General Hospital "Đorđe Jovanović" Zrenjanin
19 General Hospital "Dr Laza Lazarevic" Sabac
20 General Hospital "Studenica", Kraljevo

Sector 4

No. Audit subject 1 2 3 4 5
1 PE Electrical Company of Serbia
2 Construction Company "Mostogradnja" ad, Beograd
3 Company "Jugoimport SDPR" Beograd
4 Business Company Telus ad, Beograd
5 National Bank of Serbia, Beograd
6 Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
7 PE National Park "Tara", Bajina Bašta
8 PE National Park "Kopaonik", Raška
9 Water Management Company "Hidrosrem" doo, Sremska Mitrovica
10 Water Management Company "Bačka" doo, Vrbas
11 Public Media Service "Radio televizija Srbije", Beograd
12 Business Company for Maintenance and Security, Telus ad, Beograd
13 Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services Belgrade
14 Construction Company "Mostogradnja" ad, Beograd
15 Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
16 Proof house for testing firearms and ammunition, LLC. Kragujevac
17 Company "Sloboda", Cacak
18 "Minting Center", LLC. Valjevo
19 Shareholder Company "Prvi Partizan", Uzice
20 Shareholder Company for Management of Public Railway Infrastructure "Serbian Railways Infrastrukture", Belgrade
21 Company for protection of property and maintenance of facilities Kolubara - Services LLC. Lazarevac
22 Together for Serbia
23 New Party
24 Party of Peace and Reconciliation, Novi Pazar
25 Performance Audit "Efficiency of Supervision over Mining Resources"
26 Performance Audit "Industrial Waste Management"
27 Performance Audit "Efficiency of Control of Acquisitions by Competent Authorities"


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Audit in progress
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