Lecture Given by Experts from the European Court of Audit

04 November 2016.
Lecture Given by Experts from the European Court of Audit

On 3rd and 4th November, an advanced training was held in Belgrade for auditors employed in the State Audit Institution. A Two-day training was organized with the support of the Advancing Accountability Mechanisms in the Public Finances Project, financed by the Swedish Government, and the Enhancement of Municipal Audit for Accountability and Efficiency in Public Finance Management Project, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Goal of the training was improvement of application of methodological rules and guidelines for financial statements and compliance audit, as well as relevant audit tools and techniques, whereby training was held by the European Court of Audit's experts, Paul Haschka and Hannah Dimpker.

Training participants had the opportunity to gain insight and get acquainted in more detail with work methods of the European Court of Audit, as well as to gain direct insight into work procedures of the Court regarding sampling, application of sampling results and assessment of misstatement in relation to determined materiality in the audit process.

This type of training and lectures have proven to be exceptionally beneficial, for it provides possibility to exchange expert opinions and experiences in working and learning new methods and tools, aimed at easier and more efficient implementation of financial statements and compliance audits.

Training was also attended by employees of the Supreme Office of the Republic of Srpska Public Sector Auditing and Brcko District Audit Office.