Official Awarding of 59 Certificates on Acquisition of the Title of State Auditor

07 March 2019.
Official Awarding of 59 Certificates on Acquisition of the Title of State Auditor

President of the State Audit Institution (SAI) and Auditor-General, Dr. Duško Pejović, handed SAI employees today the certificates on acquisition of the Title of State Auditor. Having passed the exams, in front of the Commission for Taking of Exams, in compliance with the Law on State Audit Institution, 59 State Auditors were certified and received audit titles.

In a certificate-awarding ceremony, Dr. Pejović congratulated State Auditors on successful completion of the exam process and said that the Institution would grow stronger with them.

"And you will personally grow stronger. With you and your certificates, SAI would be stronger in front of other institutions and state authorities. We are glad we can now say that we have created 163 state auditors from our own ranks", Dr. Pejović highlighted.

He added that State Auditors, with more experience, are now pleased because younger generations of state auditors were being formed.

According to him, Certificate of State Auditor was acquired by 103 auditors in the past, out of which 52 auditors work in the position of State Auditor, Certified State Auditor, Supreme State Auditor or as Members of the Council. Human resource strengthening of the Institution will provide more efficient public sector audit, and/or more efficient control of spending the taxpayers' money. SAI is the organization where the knowledge resides and where the employees represent key values.

Dr. Pejović thanked Members of the Council who adopted required enactments, professional departments who prepared certification procedure, members of the Commission for Taking Exams, and/or lecturers, as well as certification participants who diligently participated in the training, preparation and taking of exams.

This is the third round of the certification process for acquiring title of State Auditor. The last certification process was organized in 2015. Some of the SAI employees who received certificates today fulfilled conditions to take part in the certification process many years ago.

Certification program of state auditors was conducted by SAI within the Accelerating Accountability Mechanisms in the Public Finances Project, implemented by the State Audit institution and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), supported by the Swedish Government. Certificate-awarding ceremony was organized by SAI within the "Enhancement of Municipal Audit for Accountability and Efficiency in Public Finance Management" Project, implemented by SAI and UNDP, with the support of the Swiss Government.