Participation of the SAI Representatives in the Subcommittee Meeting for Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics in Brussels

07 November 2018.
Participation of the SAI Representatives in the Subcommittee Meeting  for Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics in Brussels

President of the State Audit Institution (SAI) and Auditor General, Dr. Duško Pejović, and Senior Advisor for European Integration, Mr. Tomislav Jovanović, participated in the Subcommittee meeting for economic and financial issues and statistics for implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and Serbia, held in Brussels today. President Pejović presented measures and activities that SAI has implemented since the previous Subcommittee meeting.

Auditor General presented to representatives of the European Commission state of affairs regarding external audit, particularly regarding audit execution within the SAI competences, filing of charges, SAI Strategic Plan implementation for the period 2016-2020, as well as regarding cooperation with the National Assembly.

Topics of the Subcommittee included economic situation and outlook in the Republic of Serbia, improved functioning of the market economy and strengthening of competitiveness in the economy, public internal financial control, external audit and statistics.

Besides SAI President, Dr. Pejović, the participants at the meeting were representatives of the Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Labor, Employment,Veteran and Social Policy, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of State Administration and Local Government, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Ministry of Mining and Energy. Also, the meeting was attended by the representatives of the National Bank of Serbia, Republic Statistical Office, Republic Public Policy Secretariat, Securities Commission, Restitution Agency, Fiscal Council and the Commission for State Aid Control, along with representatives of the Ministry of European Integration and the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union.

European Commission gave positive assessment of the progress made in the field of external audit, and particularly commended activities regarding organizational changes and development of performance auditing.

Stabilization and Association Agreement is an international agreement which took effect on 1st September 2013, which gave Serbia the status of accession country to the European Union. Two most important commitments that Serbia took by signing this Agreement were establishment of free trade zone and harmonization of legislation with acquis communautaire. SAA represents a legal basis for improvement of cooperation between Serbia and EU in numerous fields: economic and trade policy, statistics, banking, insurance and financial services, audit and financial control, investment promotion and protection, industrial cooperation, small and medium companies, tourism, agriculture and agricultural-industrial sector, fishery, customs, taxes, social cooperation, education and science, cultural cooperation, cooperation in audio-visual field, information society, electronic communication network and services, information and communications, transport, energy, nuclear safety, environment, research and technological development, regional and local development and public administration.