Press Conference: Presentation of the Performance Audit Report Titled "Management of Company Vehicles of Direct Budget Beneficiaries of the Republic of Serbia" Friday, 27th June 2014, 12:00 O'clock, Press Center of the Journalists Association of Serbia, 6/3 Knez Mihailova Street

26 June 2014.

The Institution gathered from 126 direct budget beneficiaries information on number of vehicles used, when they were acquired, their acquisition cost and their present value, mileage of vehicles since the acquisition date until 31st December 2012, their mileage in 2012, ownership information, legal basis for usage, average fuel consumption, expenses for fuel, maintenance, spare parts, registration, insurance and parking. Having analyzed general data, and based on established and clearly defined benchmarks, the State Audit Institution selected 15 out of 126 direct budget beneficiaries for detailed analysis.

Afterwards, the Institution developed draft audit report and subsequently proposal and final audit report, which was submitted to the addresses of 15 direct budget beneficiaries, and/or to responsible and previously responsible persons. This is the first performance audit report prepared by the State Audit Institution.

Audit has been conducted as a pilot audit within the Twinning Project "Strengthening Capacities of the State Audit Institution", which is implemented by the Netherlands Court of Audit and Office of the Auditor General of the United Kingdom.

After delivering the introductory speech, the President of the State Audit Institution, Mr. Radoslav Sretenović, will answer journalists' questions.

The audit report will be published on the website of the State Audit Institution.