SAI Delegation Participated in the Seminar on Audit Methodology in Warsaw

18 October 2018.
SAI Delegation Participated in the Seminar on Audit Methodology in Warsaw

Delegation of the State Audit Institution, comprising State Auditors, Ms. Aleksandra Marinković Naumovski and Ms. Gordana Uzelac, and Audit Advisor Ms. Milena Leković, participated in the Seminar of European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI) on audit methodology, held in Warsaw on 16th and 17th October. This is the first within the series of planned seminars on current needs of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) regarding development of institutional capacities.

The Seminar was divided into three thematic fields: quality assurance (ensuring audit quality, including application of international standards), communication with stakeholders (including modern methods for presentation of audit findings and recommendations), and audit planning, both on strategic and operational level. More than 60 delegates responsible for methodology, strategic planning, audit quality assurance and relations with stakeholdres participated in the workshops and panel discussions, where needs of the European SAIs were determined in the field of methodology, planning and communication.

State Auditor, Aleksandra Marinković Naumovski, presented to the European colleagues experiences of the State Audit Institution of the Republic of Serbia in audit planning on strategic and operational levels, using risk analyses.

The meeting, attended by delegations from nearly 30 SAIs, was organized by the National Audit Office of Poland, whose task is to coordinate the Strategic Goal 2 "Institutional Capacity Development" of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023