SAI Has Published a Register of Recommendations for 2020

16 March 2022.
SAI Has Published a Register of Recommendations for 2020

In the audits conducted in 2020, the State Audit Institution issued 2,155 recommendations to the auditees and published them in the Register of Recommendations for 2020 on its website. The SAI issued largest number of recommendations in financial statement audits - 1,215, followed by compliance audits - 534,in performance audits -264 recommendations, while in combined financial statements and compliance audit, SAI issued 142 recommendations.

Out of a total number of 2,155 recommendations, 937 refer to "First Priority" recommendations and according to the Law on the State Audit Institution, they should be implemented within 90 days; 1,008 are "Second Priority" recommendations to be implemented within a year and 210 are "Third Priority" recommendations which takes up to three years to implement.

When we look at the percentage of implementation of recommendations by type of audit, the highest percentage of implementation of recommendations is, for now,in compliance audits - 92 percent, and the lowest number in performance audits - 50 percent, said Dr. Dusko Pejovic, SAI President and Auditor General. He added that this was to be expected, given that performance audits have a lower percentage of the first priority recommendations and longer deadline was needed in order to eliminate systemic problems and causes of problems covered by a topic.

According to Dr. Pejović, the highest percentage of recommendation implementation is recorded with the first priority recommendations - 91 percent.

When we look at the first and second priority recommendations, given that a year has passed since the recommendations were issued, the percentage of recommendations implementation stands at 83 percent, Dr. Pejović emphasized.

By publishing the recommendations, as Dr. Pejović pointed out, the SAI provides to all interested parties opportunity to monitor the status of each recommendation issued in each type of audit to all auditees.

The publication of recommendations ensures affirmation of the auditees that implement the recommendations and it provides encouragement to other auditees to improve the implementation of recommendations that SAI has issued to them, said Dr. Pejović.

The Register of Recommendations can be accessed by selecting the submenu "Register of Recommendations" within the menu "Audits" on the SAI website or via the following link. The continued publication of the Register of Recommendations is an additional step towards increasing the transparency and financial discipline of public sector institutions, as well as accountability in public funds spending.

The State Audit Institution is strategically oriented, within its competencies, to contributing to the maximum improvement of audit recommendations implementation and to make the results of the audit procedure more visible and performance based.