State Audit Institution Has Started the Audit Procedure at Another 100 Public Funds Beneficiaries

28 May 2021.
State Audit Institution Has Started the Audit Procedure at Another 100 Public Funds Beneficiaries
State Audit Institution, in accordance with the Audit Program 2021, during April and May commenced audits procedures of financial statements and compliance audit at another 100 public funds beneficiaries.

Audit procedure started at following the budget beneficiaries:

1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2. Protector of Citizens /m Ombudsman

3. Higher Court in Belgrade

4. Students’ Center Belgrade

5. University of Novi Sad

6. Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad

7. Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad

8. Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade

9. Higher Court in Kragujevac

10. The Office for Public Investments Management, Belgrade

11. Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade

12. Commissariat for Refugees and Migration

13. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade

14. Students’ Center, Novi Sad

15. Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac

16. University of Nis

17. Faculty of Economics in Nis

18. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade

19. Academy of Technical and Artistic Vocational Studies, Belgrade

20. Ministry of Environmental Protection

21. Green Fund of the Republic of Serbia

22. Municipality of Kladovo

23. Municipality of Raca

24. Municipality of Velika Plana

25. Municipality of Tutin

26. Municipality of Svrljig

27. Municipality of Doljevac

28. Municipality of Bojnik

29. Municipality of Brus

30. Municipality of Svilajnac

31. Municipality of Babusnica

32. Municipality of Novi Becej

33. Municipality of Veliko Gradiste

34. Municipality of Vladimirci

35. City of Pozarevac

36. Municipality of Majdanpek

37. City of Valjevo

38. Municipality of Mali Iđoš

39. City of Sabac

40. Municipality of Arilje

41. Municipality of Žagubica

42. City of Smederevo

43. Municipality of Irig

44. Public company for arranging construction land "Sjenica ", Sjenica

45. Public Communal Enterprise " Nash dom Po ", Pozega

46. Public Communal Enterprise "Raska", Raska

47. Public Communal Enterprise for housing services "Bor", Bor

48. Public Communal Enterprise "Đunis", Ub

49. Public Communal Enterprise "Lim", Prijepolje

50. Public Communal Enterprise "Izvor", Petrovac na Mlavi

51. The public company for the operations of distribution of gas " Kovin-gas " Kovin

52. Public Communal Enterprise "Nas dom Apatin", Apatin

53. Public Communal Enterprise "Cleanliness", Sombor

54. Public company "Vodokanal ", Becej

55. Public company "Gas Temerin", Temerin

56. Public company "Vrbas-gas" for distribution of natural gas, Vrbas

57. Public Communal Enterprise for public garages and parking lots "Parking service ", Belgrade

58. Public company "Gradsko stambeno ", Belgrade

59. Medical Center 'Dr Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj" in Stara Pazova

60. Medical Center Ivanjica

61. Medical Center Opovo

62. Medical Center Čačak

63. Medical Center "Dušan Savić Doda' Beočin

64. Medical Center Sabac

65. Medical Center Žabalj

66. Medical Center Žitište

67. Medical Center Subotica

68. Medical Center " Zvezdara ", Belgrade

69. Medical Center " Savski venac ", Belgrade

70. Medical Center Sid

71. Medical Center Sečanj

72. Medical Center Odžaci

73. Medical Center "Dr Janos Hadzi ' Backa Topola

74. Medical Center Kula

75. Medical Center Grocka

76. Medical Center Smederevo

77. Medical Center Stari Grad , Beograd

78. Medical Center Vračar , Beograd

79. Medical Center "Dr Boško Vrebalov", Zrenjanin

80. Medical Center "Dr Milorad Mika Pavlović" Inđija

81. Directorate for water roads , Belgrade

82. Serbian Party Zavetnici, Belgrade

83. Public Enterprise for Shelters, Belgrade

84. Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia, Belgrade

85. Vodoprivredno economic society "Erosion", LLC, Nis

86. Energo-zelena LLC, Nis

87. Agricultural Advisory and Professional Service Leskovac LLC, Leskovac

88. Transportation company "Lastra" LLC, Lazarevac

88. Healthy Serbia , Čajetina

89. Russian Party, Šabac

91. Joint Stock Company for the FX Operations and Information - Commodity Exchange, Novi Sad

92. Central Registry, Depository and Clearing of Securities LLC, Belgrade

93. Agricultural Advisory and Expert Service Nis LLC, Nis

94. Agricultural Advisory and Expert Service Smederevo LLC, Kolari

95. Geological Survey of Serbia, Belgrade

96. Limited Liability Company "Transportgas Serbia", Novi Sad

97. Public Company "Ski Resorts of Serbia", Belgrade

98. Jugoinspekt Belgrade Stock Company for Quality and Quantity Control of Goods ", Belgrade

99. Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves, Belgrade

100. Srpska banka Stock Company, Belgrade