State Audit Institution Started Audit Procedure Regarding Additional 57 Public Funds Beneficiaries

18 April 2022.
State Audit Institution Started Audit Procedure Regarding Additional 57  Public Funds Beneficiaries

In March and April, in accordance with the Audit Program for 2022, the State Audit Institution started the process of financial statement audit,compliance audit and financial statement and compliance audit regarding additional 57 public funds beneficiaries.

The audit procedure started with the following budget beneficiaries:

1. Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration, Belgrade

2. Ministry of Finance - Customs Administration, Belgrade

3. Fund for Innovation Activity, Belgrade

4. Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade

5. Fiscal Council of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade

6. Republic Public Prosecutor's Office, Belgrade

7. Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Subotica, Subotica

8. Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad, Novi Sad

9. First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, Belgrade

10. Judicial Academy, Belgrade

11. Archaeological Institute, Belgrade

12. Penitentiary in Sremska Mitrovica, Sremska Mitrovica

13. Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad

14. Technical School GSP, Belgrade

15. Construction Institute of the City of Belgrade LLC., Belgrade

16. Public utility company Vrela, Sjenica

17. Public Enterprise Directorate for Construction of the Municipality of Paracin, Paracin

18. Public Utility Company City Traffic Company Belgrade, Belgrade

19. Public Enterprise Directorate for Construction of the City of Nis, Nis

20. Public company Toplana, Kikinda

21. Public utility company "Vidrak", Valjevo

22. Limited Liability Company for Solid Municipal Waste Management Regional Landfill Subotica, Subotica

23. Gas Distribution Company Loznica-gas LLC in mixed ownership, Loznica

24. Public utility company Sopot, Sopot

25. Public utility company Niskogradnja, Uzice

26. Municipal Public Company Zlatibor, Cajetina

27. Public utility company Komunalac JP, Indjija

28. Public company for construction Obrenovac, Obrenovac

29. Public company for construction Lazarevac, Lazarevac

30. Public company for communal-housing activity Kovinski komunalac, Kovin

31. Company for maintenance and security of facilities Kostolac-usluge d.o.o. Kostolac

32. Public company Tara National Park, Bajina Basta

33. Public company Kopaonik National Park Inc. (Corp.), Kopaonik

34. Limited Liability Company Uvac Reserve, Nova Varos

35. Corridors of Serbia, Limited Liability Company, Belgrade

36. Public Company for the Development of Mountain Tourism Stara planina, Knjaževac

37. National Corporation for Insurance of Housing Loans, Belgrade

38. Slavija Hoteli, limited liability company for hotel services, Belgrade

39. Accreditation Body of Serbia - Institution in the field of accreditation, Belgrade

40. Limited Liability Company - Public Sector Project Management Unit, Belgrade

41. Traffic Safety Agency, Belgrade

42. Public Enterprise Broadcasting and Communications, Belgrade

43. Public Enterprise Institute for Textbooks, Belgrade

44. Public company Djerdap National Park, Donji Milanovac

45. Water Management Company Galovica LLC, Belgrade

46. ​​SP Resort LLC, Kalna

47. Water Management Company Zapadna Bačka LLC, Sombor

48. Water Management Company Tamiš Dunav LLC, Pancevo

49. Socialist Movement, Belgrade

50. Democratic Party, Bujanovac

51. Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, Subotica

52. Agricultural Expert Service Tamiš Institute LLC, Pancevo

53. Alternative for Change, Presevo

54. Water Management Company Zapadna Morava LLC, Kraljevo

55. Agricultural Expert Service Sombor LLC, Sombor

56. Agricultural expert service Vrbas LLC,. Vrbas

57. Agricultural Expert Service Sremska Mitrovica LLC, Sremska Mitrovica