Synthesis Report Published on Parallel Performance Audit regarding Public Procurements Conducted by SAIs of Western Balkan Countries

05 February 2018.
Synthesis Report Published on Parallel Performance Audit regarding Public Procurements Conducted by SAIs of Western Balkan Countries

European Court of Auditor (ECA) and the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) have successfully supported the Second Regional Parallel Performance Audit Project on public procurements. Parallel Performance Audit Project was implemented within the cooperation between the State Audit Institution of Serbia and Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo*[1]and Macedonia.

Second Parallel Performance Audit Project lasted for 18 months and was the largest project of this kind ever implemented in the region. Goal of the Project was to contribute to improvement of audit approach towards public procurement, as well as to strengthen capacities for performance audits. Each of the six SAIs presented its work through individual reports. ECA published a Synthesis Report of the entire project on its website, which contains key observations and conclusions of individual reports, prepared by project participants.

"I am very pleased that we, as one of the youngest Supreme Audit Institution in the region, had the opportunity to actively participate in this type of project, and to reaffirm through our work that we can match the work and results achieved by much more experienced Supreme Audit Institutions. For that achievement I owe special gratitude to the Performance Audit Sector of the Serbian SAI, who contributed to the success of the Project and reputation of our SAI with its active participation. In 2017, the State Audit Institution celebrated its ten-year anniversary since the establishment, and I am very pleased that we have marked this jubilee year with this important project", said Mr. Radoslav Sretenovic, President and Auditor General of the SAI of Serbia.

Over the eighteen months, auditors from the European Union have helped auditors from the region in implementing similar types of audits in the area of public procurements. The methodology and audit approach were subjects of mutual discussions among the teams, and at the same time audit teams from independent institutions implemented performance audits, each within its competences, while the final audit reports were submitted to relevant stakeholders in their countries.

"We actively participate in the European audit community and it is encouraging that such large number of Supreme Audit Institutions, part of this Project, were ready to share their experiences, knowledge and mutually support development of performance audit capacities. This project has contributed to linking SAIs in the region, thus creating regional network that will certainly survive", said MrMr Klaus-Heiner Lehne, ECA Chairman. He added that achieved results show that exchange of experiences among auditors was beneficial, both in theory and in practice.

Synthesis reports has shown that there are significant deficiencies in public procurement systems. Main problems mostly occur in the planning and monitoring stages of public procurement process. Institutions do not adequately assess their needs prior to defining subject of the public procurement. The result is the delay, fraud risk and general difficulties in accessing services that the citizens need.

ECA believes that this project will lead to larger degree of understanding the problems in the area, promote cross-border cooperation on the path towards the EU integrations and support public sector institutions in their future work.

Synthesis report is available in English on the ECA website and can be downloaded HERE

[1] *This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.