The Conference "Towards Greater Financial Responsibility of the Serbian Authorities" will be held on Monday, 4th June 2012 , starting at 9:30 am, at the Judicial Academy, 48 Karađorđeva Street, Belgrade

28 May 2012.
The goal of the Conference is to contribute to spreading of awareness about the importance of financial accountability of the authorities through the activities of the State Audit Institution, bearing in mind the importance of this area for the EU accession process.
In the first panel, the issue regarding the importance of financial accountability of Government, will be addressed by Mr. Radoslav Sretenović, President of the State Audit Institution, Mr. Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Public Information and Personal Data Protection, Mr. Sasa Jankovic, Ombudsman and Ms. Zorana Markovic, Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency. Participants will be addressed by Mr. Wetter Lawrence, Chief of Party of Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project (USAID) and Ms. Milica Delevic, Director of the Serbian European Integration Office. Also, results of research on the implementation of the entire set of measures will be presented, which are available to the State Audit Institution in performing its duties, as well as conclusions regarding the further strengthening of external audit system in Serbia.
The second panel will discuss the role of the National Assembly in creating a financially responsible Government. Topic of the final, third part, are proposals for long-term involvement of civil society in monitoring implementation of the measures of the State Audit Institution.
The conference is organized within the project "Establishing Conditions for the Improvement of the State Audit Institution in Serbia", financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the project for reform of the judiciary and accountable government (Judicial Reform and Government Accountability - JRGA).
The event is organized by the State Audit Institution in cooperation with the Centre for European Policy (CEP) and the European Project Center (EPC).