The Highest Audit Title for 22 Auditors

04 July 2012.
The Highest Audit Title for 22 Auditors
The first certificates were presented today in the State Audit Institution on acquiring the highest audit title for conduct of the audit work in the public sector of the Republic of Serbia - Certified State Auditor. Total of 22 auditors received certificates on acquiring the audit title. The President of the State Audit Institution, Radoslav Sretenovic, who also received the certificate, said that was a major step towards further professionalism of the work of state auditors and improvement of quality of their work.

"I expect that the receipt of these certificates be even greater incentive for professional work of auditors, their further professional development for preparation of audit reports on financial statements and regularity audit reports on operations of the audited entities", Sretenovic emphasized and added that the certification program would continue. According to him, conduct of audit is difficult and complex activity and demands professionalism, expertise, independence and integrity in implementation of such procedure.
Sretenovic expressed gratitude to representatives of the UNDP and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, which provided assistance to the certification process through "Strengthening Public Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finances" Project.
After adopting the Manual on Program and Manner of Taking Tests for Acquiring State Auditor and Certified State Auditor Titles in December 2010, effective as of January 7th 2011, the training and preparations for taking of four exams started. The first certificates for the title state auditor were presented on January 7th 2012 for 40 auditors. Today, out of the 40 auditors, 22 of them acquired certificates for the title certified state auditor.

State Audit Institution currently has 129 employees. Out of that number, 94 employees work in the audit field, namely three supreme state auditors, 12 certified state auditors, 18 state auditors, while the other employees work as senior advisers, independent advisers, advisers, junior advisers and trainees.