Workshop Held on Audit Sampling, Risk Assessment and Reporting

29 November 2013.
Representatives of the Joint Working Group between internal and external auditors held a two-day workshop in the National Assembly on audit sampling, risk assessment and reporting.

Sampling is a basic audit technique, which aims to achieve efficient use of audit resources, Mr. Radoslav Sretenovic, President of the State Audit Institution, said. He added that, given that resources are limited for performing audit, along with resources within the State Audit Institution and in internal audit units, sampling represents an instrument for covering maximum number of organizations, while preserving audit depth at the same time.

Mr. Sretenovic reminded that the State Audit Institution and Central Harmonization Unit, within the Ministry of Finance, formed a Joint Working Group, goal of which is strengthening cooperation in the areas of mutual interest.

Mr. Goran Cvejic, Assistant Minister of Finance, emphasized that the Central Harmonization Unit and the State Audit Institution have had good cooperation since their establishment.

"In order to improve cooperation, state auditors should recognize the work of internal auditors, and internal auditors should recognize communications manner with external auditors", Mr. Cvejic said.

Ulrika Klingenstierna, Senior Advisor in SIGMA, emphasized that audit sampling, risk assessment and reporting are significant topics for both, internal and external auditors. She added that internal and external auditors should cooperate, bearing in mind mutual respect for their professions.

Audit sampling was topic of the talks by Mr. Brord Van Westing, representative of the Netherlands Court of Audit and resident twinning adviser in the State Audit Institution, along with Mr. Nigel Penny, a representative of the National Audit Office from the United Kingdom and Mr. Dragan Stojanovic, Head of the IT Unit in the State Audit Institution.

Mr. Liam Fitzpatrick, SIGMA expert, talked on audit risk assessment.

Audit reporting was addressed by Mr. Michael Guilfoil, also SIGMA expert.

Workshop was attended by the representatives of the State Audit Institution, Central Harmonization Unit, SIGMA, internal auditors (representatives of ministries, public enterprises, funds, and agencies) and representatives of the Audit Authority for the European Union Funds.

Technical and financial assistance to organization of the workshop was supported by SIGMA.